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“An honest enemy is better than a false friend.”

~ Zero Dean             

This site was developed and is maintained because Jim Whittles and Meryl Kadden took advantage of my kindness and refused to pay me for the services I provided.

Ultimately, they owed me for 30 hours of work and my out of pocket expenses associated with building them a quality website (i.e. purchasing stock photos to use, URL registration, Hosting agreements, etc.).

My life and pocketbook would have been better had our paths never crossed.

In the end, all they offered were insulting comments.

Being that they never paid me for their domain names, I still own them and decided to let others know of my experience with Jim (James) Whittles and Meryl Kadden.

With my skills of website creation and getting websites ranked well on search engines, I know that others are seeing this message, and hopefully wont have to go through what I have gone through with them.

This site is an open forum where people can share their experiences with Jim Whittles and Meryl Kadden and whatever company name they are working under today.

If you wish to share your story about Jim and Meryl, contact me and I may include it.