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Why I created this site?

On occasion we all been wronged at some point. When you have gone out of your way, and really made an effort above and beyond, and then you are feel wronged, it stings even more. It feels more like betrayal than simply wronged.

This site was developed by me because I felt betrayed by Jim Whittles and Meryl Kadden.

I went above and beyond for this couple, and in the end, not only was I out about 30 hours of time, but also the actual money costs associated with building a website (i.e. purchasing stock photos to use, URL registration, Hosting agreements, etc.).

In the end, all they offered were insulting comments.

My life and pocketbook would have been better had our paths never crossed.

When I feel betrayed, I do what I do best. Create websites, get them highly ranked, and let others know of my experiences.

Funny thing is, that often my message is put out there, others send me their stories about their problems with the same people. It is almost like it is a pattern.

This site is an open forum where people can share and chronicle their experiences with Jim Whittles and Meryl Kadden and what ever company name they are working under today.

If you wish to contact me with your story and information, I will gladly include it. Use the contact form below.